Are you struggling to create videos and graphics content for your website daily? 

Now, you have come to the right place. We created the content for you. 

Private Label Rights Included Which Means You Can Customize, Modify, Edit And Rebrand The Videos And Graphics with Your Name And Website. 

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You can do this in 4 easy steps:

Done For You Viral Videos And Graphics Quotes.

Done For You Funny Graphics Quotes.

Done For You Video Articles, Free Royalty Music and many more.

Download Videos and Graphics content with Private Label Rights License 

Only took about 5 minutes to customize with your name and your website

Easy to edit using simple applications such as windows moviemaker. 

Start Uploading and Sharing your own Videos and Graphics content today! 

Even you do not have the Skills or Knowledge about Video Creation.

Do You Have Enough Time To...?

 Create your own viral videos daily. NO YouTube stolen videos.

 Design and edit your own graphics, outsourcing stock photo website or Fiverr.

  Find best and suitable Soundtrack for your videos.

 Search Free Royalty Music Rights that you do not knows the owner of the music.

 Research the music you used in your videos and make sure 100% Free Royalty Rights because using other music copyright ended you in penalty.

 Promote your website or blog through social media to gain more traffic and sales.

If You Cannot Answer Six Questions Above, I have The Solution for You :)

Say Goodbye to:

Expensive video editing software that cost you more and time consuming to create videos.

Hassle for audio editing, mixing and mastering not including the payment that cost you more than $50 per hour.

High processing audio service that can cost you approximately $250 for one recording.

Graphic designer that charge you $5-$20 per hour and end you editing the PSD file that cost you time.

Just focus on bringing converted traffic
to your website or blog

Without Traffic, Believe me... NO SIGN UP! 

 STOP  Wasting your time on wrong things

 STOP  Learning new techniques how to make money online

 STOP  Looking for software that make you rich with one push of a button

 START  Doing Right Things

All You Have To Do: Follow 3 steps below

1- Customize the video in Windows MovieMaker

2- Upload to your social media profile

3- Click Share


Introducing Brand New!
Viral Video Quotes Profits Volume 1: Private Label Rights

Get viral traffic from social media to any website or blog.

Micro videos easy to share on Social Media website including Facebook and Twitter.

Micro videos and Graphics Quotes are shared like crazy on social media.

More video views means more traffic to any website or blog.

More Traffic means more sign up and more sales!

Why Must You Grab Viral Video Quotes Today?

Statistic Shown Facebook alone had topple YouTube for the first time in November and December 2014

People around the world posting video on Facebook 75% more than they did last year

1 Billion video views every day

In December 2014, Facebook videos received more than 80% of video all interactions.  


Let me show you the secret how I make money online with a little traffic only spending 2 hours/day

My wife said, "Are you crazy? This supposed to be a different product". Ya, I can create a new product on "How To Make Money Online" with a little traffic to your website even you are a newbie.

But here, I want to share with you the big potential of Viral Video Quotes that brought me over 500+ subscribers in a few weeks and double my sales with just only 3 love quotes videos posted to my social media profile. 

viral love quotes video profits

These videos only got views between 100-500 views on my Facebook Fan Page with only 700+ Likes and 13K+ Followers on twitter.

The Power of Facebook is in Call To Action after the video plays inside the Facebook. Viewers are asking automatically to take Action in 30 seconds after they viewed the Viral Video QuotesThis is the power of Micro Videos posted on social media including twitter.
You know, even the views still low, but the conversion rate is too high. Viewers click for more videos, they visit my profile page and my website. On my website, I gave them free download products after they sign up my Newsletter and landed them on my OTO page.

In addition, my social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter) designed
to convert a visitor into a prospect. You can see below how I monetized my profile page.

Imagine if your Facebook Page more Likes than mine and you got millions of views.

Therefore, can you tell me this method is a waste of time or not? NO, this is awesome.

You give visitors enjoyment videos to watch and encourage them to LOVE their life, their friends and their families. Even they did not sign up for your newsletter, you give something value to a human being.

"What You Give, You Get Back" - Scorpion

bhakragani facebook fan page and twitter

As I said earlier, even your website received a little visitors you still get more sales because Viral Video Quotes convert more sign up and sales for you.

You can see my Alexa ranking; I got the lowest ranking for and NO ranking at all for

Fortunately, my website unique visitors start to increase since I posted Viral Video Quotes to my social media profiles. This lead in increasing newsletter sign up by 300% and brought more sales to my OTO page.

unique visitors

signup and sales

paypal oto

Probably you are thinking right now, why should I join your program if I can download any videos from YouTube, customize them and upload to my profile page? 

Here are the answers: 

Downloading from YouTube and stealing content are illegal. 

Using other copyrighted materials were end you in a penalty

Doing business online is to build trust. How can I trust someone if their web content stealing from other sources?

By participating my program today, you have Privilege Private Label Rights License. Which means you can use and customize the videos with your name and your website address. In addition, you can put your name as the creator of the videos. 

No illegal content

No penalty

100% Free Royalty Rights

 Okey Bhakra, Show Me What I Get Today!

Module #1: Viral Video Quotes

  30 Viral Videos Quotes .

  You can download instantly the member area.

  (1280x720) in HD format.

  Video categories are Love, Self Improvement & Motivation.

  File can be download in Zip format.

 Video sample: New upload

Module #2: Video Source

  30 Videos Source in MP4, AVI , WMV ( with music )

You get viral video quotes in 3 different format.
Music included in the videos.

Easy to share to your social media profile.

Customize the video with your name and upload.

2 different MP4 format, H264 is for Twitter uploading.


Module #3: Video Source (No Music)

  30 Videos Source in MP4, AVI , WMV ( NO music )

  You get viral video quotes in 3 different format.
NO Music in the videos.

You can edit the video and add your own music.

  Customize the video with your name and website.


Module #4: Viral Graphics Quotes

  30 Viral Graphics Quotes

  You can download instantly in the member area.

Graphics in JPG, PNG and PSD format.
  1200 - 1300 dimension.

  Photoshop file included, so you can edit the graphics.


Sample Images:



Module #5: Viral Funny Graphics Quotes

  30 Viral Funny Graphics Quotes

You can download instantly in the member area.

Graphics in JPG, PNG and PSD format.
  1200 - 1300 dimension.

  Photoshop file included, so you can edit the graphics.


Graphics sample

Module #6: Bhakra Gani Music

My Inspiration Album 2013 - Malay 

  Grant Access to Bhakra Gani Music in full length.

  You can download the music in MP3 format.

  You can use the music as your soundtrack music to your web project with no additional charge for you. As long as you don't include it in the pornography website.

  Free 100% Royalty Rights License

  You can cut and split the music and fit it to your videos.

Normally I charged company $300 for licensing rights just for one track.

Instrumental Rock Album 2011 New Edition (2013)

Instrumental Album 2014 (New upload 2015)

Module #7: Split and Cut Music

  Grant Access to Bhakra Gani Music Split and Cut format.

Split and cut the music for you in 30 to 60 seconds.

You can use the music in Viral Video Quotes with no sound. You choose what music is suitable to your  own video edit edition.

The music can be use for other web video project.

Module #8: License Certificate

  Bhakra Gani License Certificate.

  Grant you 100% Free Royalty Rights License.

  You have the rights to use Bhakra Gani Music in any web project.

  Private Label Rights License to each product.

Act today and receive the following bonus.

Bonus #1: 30 Micro Videos Social Media Tips

  You can download instantly 30 micro videos in MP4.

  Focusing on social media tips.

  What you can do and Cannot do on social media.

  Private Label Rights included.

  You can brand and edit the videos.

Video sample:


Bonus #2: 10 Videos Article

  Download instantly 10 videos article in the member area.

  Topics including Internet Marketing and Self Improvement.

  Private Label Rights included.

  You can brand and edit the videos.

  Included 2 graphics feature image for blog post in JPG.

 Feature image: (700x350)



 Video Sample:

Bonus #3: Facebook & Twitter Cover


  30 Facebook and Twitter Covers.

  Download Facebook Profile and Page Cover.

  Download beautiful Twitter Cover.

  Just upload the cover to your profile and no need to crop.

Sample graphics: Right click and Save image as.


    Yes! I Want Instant Access Now!

I Understand I'll Receive:

Module #1: 30 Viral Video Quotes ( 1280x720) Volume 1
- Love, Self Improvement & Motivation

Module #2: 30 Videos Source in MP4, AVI , WMV ( with music )

Module #3: 30 Videos Source in MP4, AVI , WMV ( no music)

Module #4: Grant Access to Bhakra Gani Music in Full Length

Module #5: Grant Access to Bhakra Gani Music in Split & Cut format

Module #6: 30 Viral Graphics Quotes in JPG, PNG, PSD Volume 1

Module #7: 30 Viral Funny Quotes Graphics in JPG, PNG, PSD Volume 1

Module #8: Free Royalty Rights License from Bhakra Gani.

Bonus #1: 30 Viral Videos Social Media Tips

Bonus #2: 10 Videos Article Volume 1
-Internet Marketing and Self Imrovement.

Bonus #3: 30 Facebook Cover & Twitter Cover Volume1

Private Label Rights: License Terms

YES - Can add name and customize!
YES - Can Edit and Rebrand the videos!

YES - Personal Use Rights Only!

NO - Can sell private label rights to the videos!
NO - Can sell master resell rights to the videos!
NO - Can give the video kits away for free.
NO - Can add video kits into free membership sites.
NO - Can add video kits into paid membership sites.
NO - Can Sell Audio Music
NO - Can Sell the Graphics

Grab Viral Video Quotes Package Today!

Video Quotes Volume 1[PLR]

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With my 30 days Guarantee there is absolutely nothing to lose.
If for some
reason I'm wrong about this, you've risked absolutely nothing.
But If I'm right, you risk everything by not taking action today. I hope to see you in the member area.

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